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Our Team

Have we told you that protection is our motto, and part of our culture, too? For one second, picture our incredible customer service team, our all-round protection gurus working feverishly behind the scenes to answer your questions (it's true!). Then think about the dedication of our entire staff working around the clock to please every customer, from the construction professional to the do-it-yourselfer.

Sure, builderprotection.com is a fun place to work. But don't get us wrong. We're serious about what we do, and we're also passionate about educating and enlightening our customers through videos, our Product Selection Guides, and the informative content you'll find throughout this website.
 We Love Protection!
Unsure about using plastic over paper, hardboard over cardboard, ask Val our product tester! This guy takes no chances when it comes to product testing. Our product whiz, Jack, has the stats on pretty much every innovative protection product we carry (what a brain he must have!), not to mention our logistics expert, Sergio, who has the nitty-gritty on product delivery. 
There's no denying the confidence we have in our customer service team, but mistakes occur from time to time. It's only human, right? So if we do mess up (and I'm sure we may from time to time), we're not afraid to make amends as quickly as possible and will do what it takes to make everything right.


Please, relax. Leave it to the pros at buiderprotection.com to give you the right answers, all the time, every time.