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Customer Service

For us, customer service is more than just a department; it’s a place filled with an awesome team of experts who pride themselves on being the market’s number one product protection specialists, the driving force behind our customer service operation.

If you're familiar with our company culture, you’ll know that service is at the foundation of builderprotection.com, and it’s what you’ll expect from us every time you purchase our innovative protection products. From the moment an order is shipped out from the warehouse to its safe arrival at your home or office, we pride ourselves on delivering quality every step of the way. 

Experience the friendly, helpful above-and-beyond attitude that all of our team is empowered to deliver. And if you’re unhappy with a product (we understand that may happen sometimes), you’re still guaranteed awesome service because we want you to be satisfied. Call us at 1-866-220-4835 or contact us by email

Customer service is more than just a department!


True Stories @ Builder Protection

Our beloved colonial is over 80 years old and every day it reminds us of it's sensitivities! After years of ignoring our crumbling fireplace, we decided to take the pain of the renovation and live with dirt, grim and endless dust.


Tom, my husband discovered your site via a google search and can I just say you've saved our marriage. Prior to February second we did'nt even know what a Zipwall was. I've attached some photographs of our special little project and would just like to thank you for your great suggustion making our house still shine. Our son is now using it to keep his dining room clean while he gets a new kitchen.

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